Down with Jazz

An illicit hooley in the heart of Dublin City, with a line-up of shameless jazzy grooves and lascivious foreign rhythms.

The annual 2-day festival Down With Jazz is a tongue-in-cheek response to the infamous anti-jazz protests of the 1930’s against the ‘evils of jazz’ and the potential moral corruption caused by such ‘filthy foreign rhythms’.

“The festival with a sense of humour” (The Irish Times) harks back to a more repressive Ireland when jazz and ‘foreign’ music was seen by the Catholic Church as ‘devil’s music’ and seen as a source of scandal and ruin.

Today’s Down With Jazz festival links audiences with 21st century Ireland’s vibrant and diverse music scene through the tongue-in-cheek prism of this notorious period of social history.

This year's Down With Jazz festival will take place from the 10-11th of June in The Grand Social.
Further details and festival programme coming soon.

Go to www.downwithjazz.ie for more information