Newpark International Jazz Festival

Newpark’s International Jazz Festival this summer is on June 1st–6th in Arthur’s Blues’n’Jazz Club, Dublin. The four-day festival which celebrates improvised music features graduates of the Newpark Music School: seventeen young musicians from eight different countries. Travelling from Venezuela to Portugal; Brazil to Germany; Israel to Peru; and Japan to Ireland, each performer presents a set of original music and selected covers influenced by their unique background and style. A one-of-a-kind event that brings together Afro-Cuban grooves, Brazilian harmonies and original melodies under the universal language that is jazz.

Day 1 features Junya Kameyama from Japan, Katha's Band – a mixture of Portuguese, Irish and Danish with an extra touch of Venezuelan quirkiness, Evin O'Brien, Nitzan Golan – an Israeli singer and pianist, inspired by both classical and jazz music, and Nadi's Quartet. Facebook event here.

Day 2 kicks off with the Julia Lima Quartet, then Irish-born Vocalist and composer, Fiadh Rua Gregg presents a compilation of her original compositions and arrangements, and then Peruvian guitarist and composer Rodrigo Almonte finishes off the night with his quartet. Facebook event here.

Day 3 begins with Chad Malone Murphy, followed by Dylan Tonge Jones, Keith Tobin, Brazilian bass player and composer Rafael Abdalla, and finally Eanna Ryder. Facebook event here.

Day 4 will feature Yuki Murata, Andre Reis, Jan Henrik Rau, Andrew O'Farrell. Facebook event here.

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