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The free jazz scene in Hungary is teeming with talent at the moment, with A.M.P. trio an example of the energy and appetite for improv amongst Magyar jazz musicians. A.M.P. trio have emerged as a strong voice in this milieu. An energetic and creative piano trio with plenty to say. There is a quiet urgency to the frenetic piano lines of Máté Pozsár, spurred on by drummer Szilveszter Miklós while bassist Péter Ajtai anchors the interplay. The result is a liberated ensemble sound grounded in strong collective listening and mature improvisation. 12 Points has not had a Hungarian act since our first festival edition in 2007, some 9 years ago now. It’s clear that Hungary is home to an adventurous improv scene and A.M.P trio are a worthy addition to our 2015 lineup.

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“A.M.P. trio play experiential music. Each piece comes into being, slowly, deliberately, developing a sonic landscape that scratches at the corners before exploding into expertly controlled volatility.”
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