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Explosive, dark, mystical music from Sweden with a grunge heart and vocals that evoke PJ Harvey tinged with Bjork. Gothenburg's Black Dough mixes Peter Brötzman-like skronk jazz with a punk-rock energy & aesthetic, creating a sound that is immersive and open.
Miranda Bjerking Raeder’s fierce lyrics & impassioned vocals dominate, while Erik Boman’s baritone sax outlines the refrain, sometimes sparse, sometimes wailing insistent grooves underpinned by a rootsy rhythm section that combines grit and groove in equal measure. If Tim Burton created music it just might sound like this. With a new album in the offing, the fuse is now lit, Gothenburg’s first real punk jazz bomb is about to go off!

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”The Gothenburg based group Black Dough makes imaginative music on their debut record ‘First Punch!’... the music change incessantly. Nothing is a given”
LIRA musikmagasin

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