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Bruut21 2
Bruut21 2

This four-piece from Amsterdam balance the colourful with the unpolished, and the danceable with the listenable creating a sexy, sassy sound that they like to call ‘super-jazz’.
Their compact songs could almost swing, but break into a beefy boogaloo and fleshy rhythm & blues, crowd-pleasing but highly impressive nonetheless.
The sax of Maarten Hogenhuis rips like a madman while Folkert Oosterbeek expressively mistreats his Hammond organ. Meanwhile Thomas Rolff and Felix Schlarmann on the rhythm section swing with a dirty funk sound.
Their music evokes a sassy cinematic world; a 1960s romp, a galloping Western storyline, or a Tarantino wet dream. The sounds and sight and stage presence of this group convery that BRUUT! are clearly here for a damn good time.

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'BRUUT! is a rowdy company that scoffs at the rules and formalities of the jazz scene… making brutal jazz out of juicy boogaloo and fat rhythm & blues.’
de Volkskrant

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