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Chromb PARIS web
Chromb PARIS web

Picasso once said that great artists steal. If so, French quartet CHROMB! have pulled off a heist of epic proportions. They have stolen the freedom of jazz, plundered the energy of rock, kidnapped the structures of chamber music, and captured the insanity of improvisation while co-opting all of the above to conjure an expansive, almost symphonic, sound that belies the band's four members. There are shades of Zorn and Soft Machine peppering the band's elaborate repertoire but their deft and polished approach is fresh, uncompromising and fun. These jazz renegades make “music for sick kids and emotive adults” and, as they also like to call it “organic heart music hard wired to 220 volts”.

This concert is being performed as part of the “Jazz Migration” series established by AJC to support the professional development of new jazz groups.

More About this Artist

“Les explosions de purs décibels et les passages authentiquement free se voient subitement interrompus par de grands moments quasi silencieux d’où, progressivement, émerge une nouvelle vague énergétique.”
Jazz Magazine
The explosion of pure decibels and genuinely free passages are suddenly interrupted by large near-silent moments from which emerge new waves of energy.
Jazz Magazine (translated from French)

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