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Containerdoxa at tresk 2018 photo matevz CC8 C c CC8 Cebas CC8 Cek 28resized29 1 480x321
Containerdoxa at tresk 2018 photo matevz CC8 C c CC8 Cebas CC8 Cek 28resized29 1 480x321

Only our second Slovenian act in 12 years of 12 Points and we believe it was worth the wait. Ljubljana’s Container Doxa are our first audio-visual ensemble to perform at the festival. Their conceptual approach to music creation, visualisation, and dissemination embodies many of the fundamental elements used by young professionals in their own reshaping of what jazz means to them and more importantly where they wish to take it. From abstract sounds and visual shapes, Doxa’s identity emerges, infusing contemporary club music with the protocols of free improvisation and jazz futurism. Retaining fragments of the idioms usually found in jazz music, the band creates its own distinctive language, giving this musical form a new sonic facade. Led by prolific Slovenian drummer Dre Hočevar, Doxa’s aural and visual world recasts ideas from various popular music constellations, from hip hop to techno, abstract minimalism to free improv, all in a live experience that’s uniquely compelling. While the quintet’s sonic output itself is rich, the music is intrinsically linked to live improvised visuals which integrate and augment, both creating a more malleable set of sensations and associations to be experienced.

Reinforcing the era of digital nativism and associated hyper-networked identities, Doxa live a very specific life on social media, producing short snippets of information, using these platforms as an ephemeral, algorithmically-structured gallery space. As such, they define their music with keywords; club culture, palm trees, futurism, modernism, hope, despair, and neon lights.

Performing at 12 Points on Friday night at 10:10pm
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Container Doxa is a supercar of established creators...which provided for the fresh start of the domestic (ob) jazz scene.

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