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Dimitar bodurov
Dimitar bodurov

Along with Romania, Bulgaria has recently joined the EU, and this musical powerhouse of Eastern Europe is represented at 12 Points! by Dimitar Bodurov. He’s our only solo performer, but this brilliant young pianist is more than up to the demands of this higher expression of the jazz musician’s craft. As with other Balkan pianists like Bojan Zulfikarpasic, he has fashioned something personal from the elements of Bulgarian folk songs and dance forms, coupled to a lyrical understanding of jazz piano. A graduate of The Rotterdam Conservatory, he’s now based in Holland, and in January won the prestigious Dutch Pianoconcours Prize, selected by a jury that included Enrico Pieranunzi, Bobo Stenson and John Taylor, who was moved to describe his trio playing as serene and spacious, with much beauty, mystery and illusion. High praise indeed from one of Europe’s masters and evidence of an important emerging voice.

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