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Cinematic Orchestra Live Hammersmith Ninja Tune Dan Medhurst 2015 9692small 480x320
Cinematic Orchestra Live Hammersmith Ninja Tune Dan Medhurst 2015 9692small 480x320

The Netherlands has a long pedagogical association with jazz, with musicians from all over the world flocking to its various conservatories, which, in turn, has made it a hotbed of pan-European ‘jazz-meets-everything-else’ interactivity. It’s only natural then that many of these musical nomads, now geographically well positioned and with a diverse talent pool to draw from, tend to make The Netherlands their home. Enter Dominic J Marshall, pianist, beatmaker, and composer. Originally from Wiltshire, England now resident in The Netherlands, Marshall has assembled a stellar Dutch rhythm section to present his ultra-fresh take on the electro-piano trio format. Fusing jazz with hip-hop and electronica, Marshall’s blend of hard hitting melodic jazz underpinned with slugged hip hop grooves and daring dynamics has strong echos of both Glasper and Kamasi, but with a distinctly European twist. Marshall is a distillation of all that which is diverse, fresh, and kaleidoscopic in 21st century jazz. Moonlighting under the moniker DJM for his electronica sets alongside his work with trip-hop pioneers Cinematic Orchestra, he has successfully carved out his own uncompromising niche, showcasing his chameleon-like versatility.

Performing at 12 Points on Saturday night at 10:10pm
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This performance is kindly supported by the Dutch Performing Arts 'Going Dutch' programme.

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With all the headlines about Glasper and Kamasi, it’s time to make some room for an ultra-hip yet jazz-schooled Brit doing his own challenging version of hip hop and electronica-charged soulful cosmic jazz.
Selwyn Harris, Jazzwise

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