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Elias1 credit Paul La Raia
Elias1 credit Paul La Raia

Austrian born Elias Stemeseder is our only soloist at our 2015 edition. Although still in his mid 20’s his improvisational talents have garnered the attention of of some of the idioms respected musicians and since 2008 has played in a trio with US avant-garde musician and drummer Jim Black. An in-demand sideman, Stemeseder is very active on the German scene with many quartet & duo projects, but more recently he has turned his attention to the fertile landscape of solo piano. Like many improvising pianists he began his studies within the classical tradition, followed by teenage years spent deconstructing those initial constructs. With an impressive stint already under his belt as sideman Stemeseder is now coming into his own. His uninhibited approach and experience is in concert with the lingua franca of the the solo piano and his expressive lyricism reflects a confidence which looks set to bloom.

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'Pianist Elias Stemeseder cares neither the requirements of the jazz establishment nor the rules of postmodernism. Rather, he has a very unique pulse…'

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