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Eva Klesse Quartet LEIPZIG web
Eva Klesse Quartet LEIPZIG web

Leipzig based drummer, composer and band leader Eva Klesse was originally on a career to study medicine but the pull of the music world and the drums in particular prompted her to reconsider. And it turned out to be an excellent decision. Having completed her jazz studies in 2013, she quickly formed her own quartet and shortly thereafter was awarded the Leipzig prize for young jazz musicians. Her quartet’s debut ‘Xenon’ in 2014 on the Enja label consequently won the Newcomer of the year award in 2015 by the German agency JazzEcho. Germany’s Rondo magazine described it as “the dream debut of an utterly fantastic band”.

And it is something special. Klesse has assembled a strong quartet of talented german musicians, who all contribute to her striking compositions. Without placing herself at the forefront Klesse leads the band from the drum throne with a light and delicate style full of intricate brushwork and dynamism which allows her music to breathe freely and flow effortlessly. Pianist Philipp Frischkorn’s romantic piano compliments Evgeny Ring’s traditional saxophone while bassist Robert Lucaciu is the perfect foil for Klesse’s light touch, while nudging open the doors to free improvisation. This is a quartet in concert that emotes well and allows all soloists to shine. Music that is light as a feather but substantial in it’s intent.

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“A rising star on the German jazz scene
London Jazz News

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