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WEB five38 B Yalain dalouche 12 Points2014
WEB five38 B Yalain dalouche 12 Points2014

"Because we have rarely heard human beings ringing a harp and a bass like that… Because in their selection by Jazz Migration, all France will fall under their poisonous charm. Because we have a great desire to have a CD of their music land in our mailbox.." - CrissCross Jazz

Five plus 38 equals forty three, the total number of strings available to harpist Rafaelle Rinaudo and bassist Fanny Lasfargues. That’s a lot of sonic possibilities, and this Parisienne duo isn’t shy about exploring all of them. Both musicians come from different backgrounds, ranging from underground bands like Retroviseur to folk artists like Erik Marchand. The common thread is COAX, the Paris collective that has been to the fore in new and adventurous French jazz of recent years. It’s a new project and their sense of discovery is palpable, as they follow their shared instinct for sonically emancipated music. For the harp in particular, this is unexplored terrain, dark, distorted and liberated completely from its historical constraints.

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