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RESIZED Franceco Orio Trio CREMA Italy
RESIZED Franceco Orio Trio CREMA Italy

Hailing from Crema in the north of Italy, Francesco Orio has been described as one of the most inventive pianists of his generation, no small feat in a country with a rich piano tradition that has produced artists such as Giovanni Guidi & Enrico Zanisi, both 12 Points alumni themselves. Like many jazz pianists, Orio spent his early years in the classical realm and this as imbued his playing with a distinctly lyrical touch. But there is a playfulness in this trio pr
opelled by Orio’s ostinato grooves and occasionally angular motifs which lay the groundwork for buoyant and discursive improvisation with bandmates bassist Fabio Crespiatico and drummer Davide Bussoleni. The trio are also not afraid to explore darker terrain with Orio’s insistent phrasing creating a sense of urgency or poised tension that allows the trio to flex its collective muscle. All of this serves to augment the beauty created in the more reflective pieces, where Orio’s refined sense of melody conveys Italian lyricism with more than a hint of furtive ideas constantly bubbling just underneath. Throughout, one is confident that this trio can choose any direction they wish, which makes for an exciting live prospect.

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“A surreal and suggestive ambience that enchants and captivates the mind”
Stefano Dentice,

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