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Girls In Airports DENMARK
Girls In Airports DENMARK

On a clear day the view from the harbour in Copenhagen is considerable, and for Girls in Airports it stretches all the way to Africa and beyond. Nigerian high life and Ethiopique groove are just two of the ingredients in this Danish melting pot that takes the best of their countrymen like world music adventurer Pierre Dørge and groovy organ trio Ibrahim Electric to create music that’s coherent and engaging, fresh and rootsy. Muscular rhythms and smart wit is evident, especially in dance tune like Pirates & Tankers with its East African vibe, and their latest CD Migrations is creating ripples on the Danish scene. Drummer Mads Forsby lays it down, percussionist Victor Dybbroe is all the more effective for being restrained, Mathias Holms adds swashes of r’n’b from the Fender Rhodes, and saxophonists Martin Sender and Lars Greve duke it out like a pair of old school 50s tenormen.

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