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WEB Herd 12 Points 2014
WEB Herd 12 Points 2014

“All the players have considerable experience playing outside this ensemble, and bring this, as well as compositional skills to their repertoire... the band prove that their limited recent exposure hasn’t blurred the lines of their instincts for tight interplay and exploration of a modern groove” -

There’s an admirable purity to Herd Trio, an adherence to the old school principles of building your music through crafting interesting lines, having a dialogue with your band mates and collectively working for the good groove. They’ve been laying it down since 2009, and have acquitted themselves favourably at major Finnish festivals like Pori, as well as winning the EBU Jazz Competition at The North Sea Festival. As we’ve come to except from Finnish bands visiting 12 Points, the music making is at the highest level, favouring a deep consideration of first principles over brash theatrics.

Panu Savolainen’s vibes playing purrs with accents and dynamics, bassist Miko Pellinen and drummer Tuomas Timonen propel the trio onwards with an insistent groove.

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