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Ibrahim electric
Ibrahim electric

If the piano trio is the heartland of the jazz romantic, then the organ trio is where its mischievous alter ego comes out to play. At least it appears that way with Copenhagen’s Ibrahim Electric, a glorious swamp thing of distorted sounds from a Lesley amp’s rotating horn, guitar riffs indebted to 60’s psychedelia and some brawny drumming that wouldn’t be out of place in stadium rock. This slightly unsettling and hugely enjoyable proposition is brought to you by three outstanding Danish musicians, for whom Ibrahim Electric puts them in touch with their masculine side. Organist Jeppe Tuxen is held in high regard as pianist with the group Endorfin but takes a robust approach to the Hammond console, guitarist Niclas Knudsen exploits an interest in African music to inject a vibrant Afrobeat element, and drummer Stefan Pasborg puts aside the colouristic devices for which he’s highly regarded in the Danish contemporary scene to bring only the good groove.

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