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Insufficient funs press shot
Insufficient funs press shot

Apart from large Saxophone ensembles, the bass saxophone is not a common sight in the jazz landscape but, in the hands of Sam Comerford, it takes centre stage as the fulcrum of this dynamic duo. Comerford bellows it’s thunderous frequencies with ferocious intent in this blistering drum and sax duo that tip their hat pioneering free improv reeds men like Peter Brötzmann or Roscoe Mitchell while carving out their new modus for the duo format. Matthew Jacobson is the catalyst for this project, born out of an extended artist in residence period for the experienced drummer in Dublin. The duo have worked intensely over several months together allowing the material to develop organically, with Jacobson setting the groove and dynamic allowing Comerford to weave in deep bass lines, melodies, textures and a healthy modicum of skronk, showcasing the full range of the bass saxophone. Nothing insufficient here, just a lot of fun from this explosive Irish pair.

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Two bright stars of the Irish jazz scene have crafted a compelling duo. Comerford navigates the bass saxophone with a determined confidence while Jacobson’s deft compositions and charismatic drum presence steers the groove.
Kenneth Killeen, Director 12 Points festival
A European jazz artist of growing charisma
John Fordham, The Guardian on Jacobson

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