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Julian Sartorius SWITZERLAND web
Julian Sartorius SWITZERLAND web

A stand-out performer at Jazzahead 2016 in Bremen, drummer Julian Sartorius is all about the beat. 365 of them actually. In his quest to explore every inch of the drumset, and its myriad percussive cousins, Sartorius tasked himself with creating a new beat every day for a year, documenting these daily beat dissections on his blog. This comprehensive and lengthy exploration led Sartorius through new rhythmic territories and the creation of new techniques. His percussive concepts, unprocessed acoustics and prepared drums are firmly rooted in an analogue world as he eschews the technology typically employed for beat manipulation, looping and augmentation of solo work, yet, if you close your eyes, it's hard to believe there is more than one musician, such is the nuanced nature of his playing. Within his rhythms, which push the boundaries of new music, hip-hop, abstract electronica and improvisation, Sartorius skillfully unearths the endless possibilities and range of his instrument. A daring and explosive solo drummer.

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“The beat diary is an important body of work. It brings us one step closer to a permanent blurring of distinctions between sound and music, music and art, art and life. A project like this though is worth little if the music isn‘t any good. Luckily, the music is brilliant. Inspiring in many ways, the simplicity and humility of the exercise is a call to arms, pulling us further away from the conser
Matthew Herbert
I rarely saw such a creative improviser in front of a drum set, combining endless different technics with a great accuracy, avoiding the usual trap of the accumulation of tricks.“
Bertram Dhellemmes, Guitarren blog

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