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Julie Campiche Quartet Hafensommer Wuerzburg C2 A9 Gerald Langer 1 1 480x321
Julie Campiche Quartet Hafensommer Wuerzburg C2 A9 Gerald Langer 1 1 480x321

Harp is not an Instrument readily associated with jazz, but that hasn’t stopped Switzerland’s Julie Campiche from forging her own path through unconventional terrain. She was the first harpist to complete a jazz degree at the Haute Ecole de Musique de Lausanne. This on top of extensive classical training at the Geneva Music Conservatory. After 8 years with critically acclaimed ensemble Orioxy, in 2016 Campiche assembled a new generation of Swiss musicians for her eponymous quartet. Employing multiple electronic effects on the harp, she creates sonic possibilities not possible acoustically. In fact, all four musicians employ electronic effects which intertwine in a delicate yet powerful acoustic space, balancing structured passages with open improvisations. This uncluttered ‘electro-acoustical’ experience leaves room and scope for a wide range of exciting possibilities. Throughout, there are dramatic shifts in sound also, due in large part to Campiche’s motivations for her music. Her musical language is drawn from her generations most urgent concerns; stockpiles of radioactive waste, the media’s incessant flow of news, and identity in a digital world. Taken as a whole, these themes infuse her music with a determined yet urgent fragility that is as compelling as it is reflective.

Performing at 12 Points on Wednesday night at 8:00pm
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This performance is supported by Pro Helvetia, an organistation which supports and disseminates Swiss arts and culture.

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Campiche’s timing seems to fly directly from her heart. The harp is really the heroine of this album with Julie Campiche’s myriad of subtle colours and styles perfectly placed again and again. Her solo in Isha is spine-tingling.
Debra Richards, Swiss Vibes

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