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Kadri voorand
Kadri voorand

Like its neighbours in the Baltics and Scandinavia, Estonia has a deep well of song tradition, and it has permeated down into Tallinn’s compact but increasingly dynamic jazz scene. Kadri Voorand is its latest emissary and follows in the footsteps of established Estonian artists like Hedvig Hanson. With a debut cd to come later in 08, 12 Points! will also be her debut performance away from home, but don’t expect the twenty one year old to be fazed. Talent will out, and there is plenty here, with a bright and lucid singing style, an appetite for vocalese and risk taking and a palpable confidence in the principles of swing, phrasing and intonation. She writes good songs too, and they’re performed in the company of pianist Jürmo Eespere, drummer Eno Kollom and bassist Mihkel Mälgand, who provide yet further insight into the emerging voices in Estonian jazz.

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