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Rsz kaja acropolis byzigakoritnik2011 16
Rsz kaja acropolis byzigakoritnik2011 16

Kaja Draksler is the first Slovenian artist to appear at 12 Points,
but that doesn’t tell the whole story. Her Acropolis Quintet features
musicians from Turkey, Romania and Italy, and what’s more they’re all
currently based in Amsterdam. Currently finishing a composition
masters in that city’s Conservatory, Draksler is already a substantial
figure on the Slovenian music scene with three cds as leader, the
latest of which is Turku. It’s a musical perspective that integrates
the modernism of Vijay Iyer with the broody qualities of Eastern
Europe’s song traditions, articulated here through Trabzon singer
Sanem Kalfa who gracefully bridges the folk and jazz traditions.
Guitarist George Dumitru, bassist Mattia Magatelli and drummer
Kristijan Krajncan are the fellow travelers on this attractive voyage
to the Eastern Med.

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