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Amsterdam has provided memorable 12 Points moments, always reflecting the city's openness to musical adventurers, and this year is no exception. Knalpot, aka guitarist Raphael Vanoli and drummer Gerri Jäger are already a talking point of the Dutch alt.rock scene, but their no holds barred, DIY approach would be equally at home among the more boisterous relations of the jazz family. They have fabricated a soundworld all their own, where elemental dub gives way to stumbling, hesitant riffs punctuated by squawks and chirps and broody swirls of dark noise. Even better, they've turned their back on the laptop orthodoxy, deploying instead an array of resuscitated gismos from the dawn of the electric age including vintage tape delays, reverbs and a Casio keyboard that sounds far from innocuous when they crank up the energy.

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