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430x290 koenigleopold VIENNA
430x290 koenigleopold VIENNA

If Sacha Baron Cohen’s appalling creation Bruno was a band, it might well be koenigleopold. Hailing from Vienna, this intrepid drums and synth duo are joint proprietors of some deeply skewed musical theatre on a recession budget, shoddily constructed from the discarded remnants of the last fifty years of beat music. Their garish taste in clothes is also questionable. Together they veer unsteadily from exultation to embarrassment often in the course of a single tune, punctuated by noise and faux operatics, but also unexpected precision and musicality. Drummer Lukas Koenig plays straight-ish man to Leo Riegler, by turns wannabe pimp, dada MC, vintage turntablist, back-alley clarinetist and showman in chief, improbably channeling the ghosts of Frank Zappa and Biggie Smalls. What can possibly go wrong?

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“Never before have I heard such a symbiosis of avant-garde and disco”
Der Bund

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