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Laura jurd quartet 1 web h800
Laura jurd quartet 1 web h800

24 year old Laura Jurd is hailed by many key influencers in jazz as a trumpet improv star in the making. Think electric-Miles with a folkloric twist as Laura's unique compositional style brings her influences together in a distinctive world of groove and improvisation. Even though they are the youngest ensemble at this years festival there is a maturity to the sound that belies their age. It’s no surprise then that all four are integral members of the Chaos Collective – a loose London assembly of innovative young musicians heralding the new generation of British jazz. This is original, groove driven music with lashings of folk-like melodies and evocative, memorable themes.

More About this Artist

'Bright brass fanfares are tugged at by pastoral countermelodies, jazz-inflected folkdances are met by softly dissonant showers of sound from the strings, distantly Django Bates-style latin clamours are punctuated by a series of intimate free-improv interludes.
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