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RESIZED Marie Kruttli Trio LUCERNE Switzerland
RESIZED Marie Kruttli Trio LUCERNE Switzerland

“Jazz needs trios like this” wrote one jazz critic on hearing pianist Marie Kruttli and her trio’s debut album in 2014. At just 25 the precociously talented Kruttli has already earmarked her place in the upper pantheons of European piano trio’s. No hipster minimalism here just a bewitching virtuosity wrapped in a sophisticated musical language that is highly defined and displays a maturity of interpretation and delivery far beyond the collective age of this trio. Growing up in a classical family there is a strong compositional narrative that is indebted to composers such as Stravinsky, Debussy and Ravel, but while there is a distinct foundation in classical rhythm and harmony, for Kruttli it is merely the starting point for her own expressive journey. And she has an empathetic rhythm section in Swiss compatriots Lukas Traxel (bass) & Martin Perret (drums) who navigate Kruttli’s compositions with seasoned ease. A trio that impress on many levels.

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“You can unmistakably hear some Herbie Hancock in her post-bop feel..., crossed with a classical harmonic sense that borrows from the likes of Debussy, all in a blend of timeless New York City sophistication and classic club swing.”
Geno Thackara, All About Jazz

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