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430x290 Nikolas Anadolis Thessaloniki
430x290 Nikolas Anadolis Thessaloniki

Who are the young artists that play 12 Points in 2013, of whom you might say a decade from now; “yes, I was there”? Pianist Nikolas Anadolis might be a candidate. Our first ever Greek participant has just reached his majority, and is also our only solo performer. A lot to ask of a young artist starting out, but this is a musician born for the piano. Home tutored by his drummer father, onward into classical studies, a full scholarship to Boston’s Berklee College and winner of the prestigious Martial Solal Prize in Paris, and all this before he turned 19. He shows an exceptional grasp of piano aesthetics and formidable prowess across all registers of the keyboard, with short form, lucid improvisations that owe as much to György Ligeti as they do to Lennie Tristano. Solo piano is a rarified part of the jazz world, but Nikolas Anadolis sounds very much at home.

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“An assured and dynamic performance”

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