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Nordmann GHENT web
Nordmann GHENT web

Ghent based Nordmann want to turn heads. Formed in 2012, the band have been on a meteoric journey over the past three years, due in large part to their uncompromising blend of progressive jazz and rock music. Much like fellow Belgians Dans Dans, Nordmann’s musical approach bridges audiences across the jazz and rock circuits. Winners of the Belgian Muziekmozaïek Jazz Contest in 2012, and Storm! Jazz contest the following year, 2014 saw them runners up in Humo’s Rock Rally proving that contemporary audiences across the board have an appetite for complex saxophone driven, anthemic music that refuses to be pigeonholed into one or other genre. To galvanize this, their successful 2015 debut “Alarm!” was released simultaneously on both renowned Belgian jazz label W.E.R.F. and the more avant garde rock label, 9000 records, so that Nordmanns music could reach as wide an audience as possible. Replete with guitarist Edmund Lauret’s catchy riffs, abetted by Mattias De Craene’s plaintive tenor saxophone and a driving rhythm section in Dries Geusens (bass) and Elias Devoldere (drums), Nordmann draw the listener in, building intensity, turning sharply, tight as nails, letting the music crumble, exposing the framework for a brief second before ramping up to their inevitable crescendo. Nordmann are in firmly in the driver's seat of this roller coaster. Hang on to yours.

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“With frenetic yet funky drumming, the hard, gruff bass, the eloquent saxophonics and the progressive guitar, it would be hard not to be moved”
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