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N Ox 3 Linda Ola CC81h C2 A9 Olivier Hoffshir 480x321s
N Ox 3 Linda Ola CC81h C2 A9 Olivier Hoffshir 480x321s

In 2017, French trio nOx.3 joined forces with Swedish vocalist Lindas Oláh, after a brief musical fling in late 2016 that proved too exciting for both protagonists to ignore. Fast forward to February 2018, they release their first record “Inget Nytt”, which, ironically, is Swedish for ‘Nothing New’ when, in fact, this quartet are all about that which is new, unexplored and ultimately adventurous. Together, they create improvisational vignettes that become songs that quickly become a complex interweave of structural loops, melodic layers and ethereal sonic landscapes. In what has become increasingly the norm both in studio and live on stage, all musicians wield various electronics and effects to accompany and augment their analogue instruments, with Oláh’s vocals swirling and swimming in a sea of digi/analogue soundscapes that is as vast as it is unexpected. If nOx.3 are hard to categorize it is because what they create is so diverse. Industrial minimalism meets traditional French chanteuse meets abstract noise meets Noir soundtrack, all, somehow in perfect equilibrium. When words don’t make sense, music does.

Performing at 12 Points on Wednesday night at 10:10pm
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This concert is part of the “Jazz Migration” series established by AJC to support the professional development of new jazz groups. Additional support from our 2018 programme partners, Le Bureau Export, as part of Improvised Music Company and Le Bureau Export’s ‘La Visite’ series of French jazz in Ireland in 2018-2019.

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The three friends like to call their music electro-free with an improvised acts on all those who move. It's much better than they claim. To know that our three noxiens deliver with this first and promising opus intense, dense music, articulated by powerful polyrhythms, rich in harmonic surprises and climates hypnotics. No doubt, here are some musicians to follow very closely.
Pascal Anquetil, JazzMagazine

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