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340x290 oliviatrummer NEW
340x290 oliviatrummer NEW

“Young, gifted and Deutsch” was one memorable description of Stuttgart born Olivia Trummer, now dividing her time between Berlin and New York, both good places to be for an aspiring artist. She’s unusually versatile, straddling classical and jazz piano, songwriting and singing in both English and German. With four albums to date, she’s been turning heads on her domestic scene, and has recently performed with Bobby McFerrin. Pianist that sings or singer that plays, it’s hard to favour one or the other, for she’s seriously talented at both. The music is bright and engaging throughout and she plays 12 Points with her Berlin based rhythm section of bassist Josh Ginsburg and drummer Bodek Janke.

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“This pianist and singer overtakes contrary jazz conventions and expectations, relying instead on the liberal principles of the improvisational music. A victory right down the line
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