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With just one CD under their belt, Paavo are creating an agreeable commotion on the Swedish jazz scene with music that revels in quirks and whimsy, happily oscillating between a poppy sensibility, large ensemble riguour and noisy abandon. Managing a neat trick in being instantly catchy and yet highly intricate, Paavo's ambitious and persuasive written material is courtesy of pianist Cecilia Persson and vocalist Sofia Jernberg. The latter is an Ethiopian born songbird who evokes Portugal's great Maria Joao and she dovetails buoyantly with the group's three reedmen Thomas Backman, Pierre-Antoine Badaroux and Nils Berg, back at 12 Points after leading a fine quintet in the 07 edition. Bassist Clas Lassbo and drummer Gustav Nahlin are the fresh faces that complete a septet with plenty of musical steel beneath its engaging velvet glove.

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