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Pablo held
Pablo held

Virtuosity alone does not a great pianist make, and the poetic elements can be the most elusive, for younger musicians especially. Not so with the ascendant Pablo Held, who at twenty two has an exceptional grasp of piano trio aesthetics, and seems to have few technical impediments to his artistic appetite. A prodigious talent, Held has been moving in the right creative circles since his early teens, and the trio's critically acclaimed debut CD Forest of Oblivion, confirms that he is maturing into an intelligent pianist with a mastery of light and shade, force and sensitivity. It's a special rhythm section too, featuring two young German musicians of stature in their own right, and Held's dialogue with bassist Robert Landfermann and drummer Jonas Burgwinkel is intense and dynamic, alive to all the possibilities to manipulate time and texture.

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Pianist Pablo Held showed early promise by winning three Young Jazz Musician competitions in Germany, the first when he was just 13. He then went into august company playing with the WDR Big Band and trumpeter Manfred Schoof. On Forest of Oblivion, his first as a leader, Held shows just why he has been such a strong presence. He plays with a subtle urge for nuance, letting his music glow. Just as
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