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You wont have heard this before. Tuba, voice and drums aren’t exactly standard jazz issue, but Pelbo demonstrate that it’s the personality, not the instrumentation that counts. And charisma there is, in buckets. Step forward Kristoffer Lo, man on a mission to take the tuba down a dark alleyway and give it a good rock ‘n’ roll kicking, mashing the big instrument with fuzzy distortion and stadium riffs. Its visually arresting, and virtuosic on its own terms. Singer Ine Kristine Hoem and drummer Trond Bersu are no shrinking violets either, and collectively it’s a sonic confrontation far beyond the modest human resources on stage. Its no accident they’re from Trondheim, home to Norway, and possibly Europe’s, boldest music school, and like many of their Nordic peers, Pelbo hint at the emergence of an exhilarating genre that defies easy categorization, with feet planted defiantly in both the jazz and rock camps.

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