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430x290 Sarah Buechi60s THA Li LUCERNE
430x290 Sarah Buechi60s THA Li LUCERNE

Since the 60s, Southern India has been a source of fascination for Western musicians, drawn to its use of rhythm evolved over millennia, and from John Mcloughlin to AkaMoon, the karnatic music of Bangalore has insinuated itself into the very fabric of jazz today. Now comes a young Swiss singer taking it to the next level, with an equilibrium that marries the rhythmic treasures of the sub-continent with a sophisticated Western approach to artful song based structures. Sarah Buechi draws on her experiences touring with artists like Steve Coleman and Christy Doran to create a beautiful synthesis, soaring and melismatic, yet grounded in an urban sensibility. Based in Dublin, Buechi will be no stranger to Irish audiences, and its time the rest of Europe got acquainted with THALi, her impressive band of fellow Swiss musicians featuring Matthias Tschopp (baritone sax), André Pousaz (bass) and Lionel Friedli (drums).

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This evolving artist is already making inroads in bridging the two traditions, jazz and traditional Indian music, to create an arresting fusion of styles
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