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Schneeweiss und Rosenrot GERMANY
Schneeweiss und Rosenrot GERMANY

Jazz singer with piano trio accompanist this is not. Nor does it have a familiar pop architecture. Schneeweiss und Rosenrot are in an art music space of their own making, and the place they’ve been making it is Berlin, home to all the cultural cross currents Europe has to offer. The name comes from a Brothers Grimm fable, and the music comes together here with a strong sense of theatre, wordplay and storytelling. It’s been a slow burn for this band that first met five years but acclaimed performances at the Moers festival and the 2011 release Pretty Frank (Enja) point to a new trajectory. Singer Lucia Cadotsch is expressive and lucid, the rhythm section of bassist Petter Eldh and drummer Marc Lohr bring a jazz groove, and pianist Johanna Borchert improvises the code that links it all together.

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