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WEB schnellertollermeier Switzerland 12points 2014
WEB schnellertollermeier Switzerland 12points 2014

12 Points 2014 hits the ground running with some big beats from the Swiss Alps. Schnellertollermeier might like to self deprecatingly refer to themselves as ‘from the backwoods’, but behind their wall of sound, there is musical sophistication at work. The guitar power trio gets a 21st century overhaul that sits at the crossroads of the European improvising tradition, and brute rock from across the Atlantic. The melodic lines come tight and fast, anchored by strong rhythmic architecture that builds to imposing thunderous peaks. It’s a further evolution of the jazz rock output of other Swiss musicians like Christy Doran, and Schnellertollermeier have an appetite for work that has so far yielded three encouraging studio albums on the Lucerne label Veto.

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Schnellmann, Troller and Meier have the much-vaunted spirit of jazz… The interplay of the three is anticipating, you can hear each individually and together as the flow of musical ideas run free. Class.
JazzThing (translated from German)

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