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430x290 soil collectors GOTHENBERG
430x290 soil collectors GOTHENBERG

You might remember the very distinctive Isabel Sörling from 12 Points two years ago, fronting a sextet of very young, very adventurous Gothenburg players. She’s back, this time as part of the equally audacious Soil Collectors along with fellow singer Hannah Tolf and drummer Jonathan Albrektson. Something wild and enchanting is at work here, tapping into Nordic choral traditions, shamenism and the open, uncultivated earth. Sorling and Tolf morph effortlessly from an intimate Bjork-like delivery into liberating improv, Albrektson lays down primitive grooves, and all the time the music is supported by swashes of machine colour that don’t compromise the startling sense of naturalism. Quite the opposite.

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“A powerful sound that alternates between epic soundscapes, often created in the moment, and gorgeous subtle compositions”

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