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STEIGER c Maarten Geukens 480x360
STEIGER c Maarten Geukens 480x360

Belgian piano trio, Steiger continue to exemplify the spirit of exploration evident in their forebears such as De Beren Gieren, LABTrio and SCHNTZL. There is, it seems, an appetite amongst Belgians for taking something straightforward and turning it on its head, with excellent results. Winners of the 2017 Gent Jazz Festivals’ Jazztalent award, this young trio proves the potency Belgium has when it comes to delivering interesting progressive jazz music. Here, that music is full of sudden twists, turns, and expertly managed upheavals that blur the boundaries between the organic and the electronic. A 21st century piano trio then with all band members actively working across jazz, pop, electronic, and experimental rock worlds. With Steiger however, they distill these influences into something cohesive and compelling. In a musical landscape now dominated by algorithmic playlists and other assorted musical fragments, Steiger have created an interesting countermeasure. On their latest album #LOCATIONS, each composition has been recorded in a different location, capturing the unique atmosphere of each and spurring the listener onward to hear more. Thankfully for us, they will bring each of those locations to life on the 12 Points stage.

Performing at 12 Points on Thursday night at 9:05pm
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'And Above All', the debut of the band, houses both jazz and modern composition, avant-garde and experimental electronics. Pianist Gilles Vandecaveye, drummer Simon Raman and double bass player Kobe Boon show themselves at home in the exciting, rough sixties jazz of labels as Impulse! as in exotical stuff à la Chick Corea.
De Morgan (BE)

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