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Strobes LONDON Low Res
Strobes LONDON Low Res

Led by keyboardist and sonic inquisitor Dan Nicholls, UK trio Strobes are out to tame the musical beast, armed with an arsenal of electronic instrumentation and collective experience playing across multiple genres. Built from collective composition, studio production, live sampling and improv jams, Strobes flickers effortlessly between the worlds of electro-improv, minimalist polyrhythm, Afrocentric grooves and distinctively original hooks. These three musicians – heard with the likes of Squarepusher, Matthew Herbert and Three Trapped Tigers – have shunned genre-specific ties, creating their own eclectic and individual sound. The music ranges from fiery, exhilarating odd-tempo loops, to polyphonic synth soundscapes and "beats that make loose clothing shimmer and earrings rattle” (The Arts Desk).

More About this Artist

“Big beats and warped electronica… offering a glimpse of future of improvised music.”
The Arts Desk
“Dan Nicholls has developed a very distinctive, personal style of music that is so adaptable to different contexts and to new influences, many of them from other parts of the world… risk is embraced and musical courage shown”
The Jazz Breakfast

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