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Stuff KBL1

With a band name taken from the opening track of Miles Davis’s cult album ‘Miles in the Sky’, Brussels based STUFF are on a similar quest for genre busting transformative groove music.
The quintet draws on a plethora of styles to create their own unique sound, from broken hip-hop to electronic and jazz influenced future funk. Drummer Lander Gyselinck and bassist Dries Laheye weave through myriad grooves, laying a tight foundation for saxophonist Andrew Claes & the keys of Joris Caluwaerts, augmented by the turntables of Menno Steensels. Their sound is crammed full of references to contemporary electronic dance music, 70′s soul, 90’s hip-hop, and past, present & future beat. And, rather like Miles in ‘69, STUFF offer up 21st century electronic music with the fickleness of jazz, but one that doesn’t require a key to enjoyment or understanding.

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“This 5-membered cyclops create walls of synth, brackish beats, fat bass lines, smudging turntables and making exciting and danceable music. Young wolves with an impressive track record that will appeal to fans of Snarky Puppy”
Flagey Winterfest

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