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SSS Qtet 1
SSS Qtet 1

It’s taken five years for 12 Points to connect with the Portuguese music scene, but we think its worth the wait. Trumpeter Susana Santos Silva is among the cohort of emerging players whose creative orbit revolves around Porto’s impressive Casa de Musica. Influenced perhaps by the bold uncompromising architecture of this landmark building in Portugal’s second city, she’s creating expansive music with a strong contemporary orientation in a way not readily associated with Europe southernmost points. Her style reveals a shrewd understanding of the sweeping changes the trumpet has experienced since the advent of players like Dave Douglas and Arve Henriksen, heard to effect on her 2010 debut Devils Dress (TOAP Records), and her quintet offer a perfect snapshot of the Portuguese new generation, with Ze Pedro Coelho (tenor), Andre Fernandez (guitar), Demian Cabaud (bass) and Marcos Cavaleiro (drums).

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