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The Rite of Trio LOW RES 28129
The Rite of Trio LOW RES 28129

The annual European Jazz Conference, which features 126 organisations from 35 countries, will be held this year in Lisbon, Portugal with the 2018 theme being ‘On The Edge’; an invitation to explore the very concepts of periphery and discuss all that which sits on the edge and that which defines, both literally and figuratively, our own ‘edginess’. Portugal, much like Ireland sits on the fringes of Europe and, like Ireland, has an abundance of edginess. Enter The Rite of Trio, a suitably edgy ensemble fresh from the Iberian Peninsula, Porto to be precise, who describe their music as ‘jazz jambacore’. That’s a word that will get you to the top of search engines. This is a trio that is infinitely chaotic and complex, yet full of love and humour. Their debut “Getting all of the evil of the piston collar!” was picked as jazz album of the year by no less than 4 publications, including Jazz Noise (Spain) and All About Jazz (US). By virtue of its nomadic nature, 12 Points itself was hosted at the wonderful Casa Da Musica in Porto in 2012 and The Rite of Trio were in the audience. In a testament to 12 Points own inherent internationalism, it’s only fitting that they are now performing on the 12 Points stage, in Dublin.

Rite protagonists Pedro Alves (drums), André Silva (guitar), and Filipe Louro (double bass) certainly know how to change it up. In the ‘loud, fuzzy, turn on a dime, guitar trio’ department, their sound could be as representative of Leeds or Newcastle as Porto. They they have shades of some previous skronky 12 Points in-your-face guitar trios such as Taupe and the now defunct trioVD. If this is jazz jambacore, we like it, and we think you will too. With typical humility, Rite of Trio say that they got together to change the spherical configuration of Planet Earth, and there is a lot of truth in that. Because from the edges, they bring the edges, and we should pay attention to edges.

Performing at 12 Points on Saturday night at 9:05pm
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This concert is kindly supported by Sons da Lusofonia and the Municipality of Lisbon.

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There are times when jazz leads us far away from the fireplace romanticism: times when an artist and his listener don't even belong to the same quantum universe; times when life remotely makes sense, in its own distorted way.(...) GETTING ALL THE EVIL OF THE PISTON COLLAR! is a promise - the place is unusual, uncertain and uncomfortable. But life is not a boutique hotel either.
Daniel Orge

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