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Thought Fox IRELAND
Thought Fox IRELAND

The Irish love of language finds full expression in Thought-Fox, led by up and coming Dublin singer Lauren Kinsella. The band's name come from a Ted Hughes poem, one of several contemporary poets whose work is dramatically deconstructed in a band that includes, fellow Irishmen trombonist Colm O’Hara and bassist Michaal Coady along with London drummer Simon Roth and Glasgow pianist Tom Gibbs. Kinsella has an exhilarating way with words, squeezing the improvisational juice out of every syllable, and stretching the poetic structures perilously close to breaking point. For contrast, the voice is warm and attractive, and can just as easily swing like an old school chanteuse. The band readily adapts to the changing surroundings, especially trombonist O’Hara; a muse who provides intelligent shading and counterpoint to the vocal line.

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