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RESIZED Tommy Mustache ROTTERDAM Netherlands
RESIZED Tommy Mustache ROTTERDAM Netherlands

Direct from Rotterdam, Tommy Moustache enjoy defying critics and audiences alike with their ineffable brand of raw instrumental jazz with a healthy dollop of funk to boot. Determined to perpetuate the legacy of their idol (the pseudo-historical figure; Tommy Moustache) this idiosyncratic troupe deliver an almost schizophrenic live experience drenched in jazz, rock, blues and the aforementioned funk. But don’t let these perfectly coiffed mustachios fool you. In amongst this explosive melting pot a coherent signature can be heard that shows a band still very much within the jazz orbit. Indeed they were audience choice favourites in the last years Dutch Jazz Competition as well as Dutch Radio 6 Soul & Jazz Talent winners the same year. They bring to Aarhus a new suite of material from their modestly titled sophomore album “EGO” which we’re told is an almost megalomaniac ode to themselves, full of daring improv, dangerously good rock riffs, adventure-funk and all the good humour that you as audiences deserve.

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“Hard, rocking jazz that delivers a punch”
The band shifts effortlessly from luscious grooves and invigorating funk to rocking blues, without the slightest lapse in intensity

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