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Trio VD
Trio VD

There is plenty of bracing music to be heard from the new generation of UK jazz, nowhere more so than in Leeds, home to the LIMA collective and its standard bearers Trio VD. Guitarist Chris Sharkey, saxophonist Christophe de Bézenac and drummer Chris Sharkey are the three musicians unleashing a maelstrom of sonic energy that comes to rest somewhere between The Thing and Meshuggah. Their evolution has been uncompromising and quite old school, borne of marathon, stamina building rehearsals where labyrinthine rhythmic forms are committed to memory, all the better for their subsequent deconstruction. A storm rages, but there is plenty of detail, invention and musicality just beneath the surface. Confrontational, uninhibited and clever, their use of volatile materials is invigorating and their demonic humour is catching.

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