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Water Boogie System OSLO web
Water Boogie System OSLO web

And so to Gothenburg, and jazz debutantes Water Boogie System with their beautifully constructed and elaborate puzzle-work of musical impulses. Formed in 2011 this quartet invite you into their weird and wonderful world of symphonic snapshots through the Daliesque lens of vocalist Karin Verbaan. The price of admission is an open ear and an open mind as WBS create a musical construct of imagined worlds and it’s associated musical soundtrack, at times absurdist, other times fragile, suddenly explosive but above all, entertaining. This playful sense of humour dominates the form, but make no mistake, the music here is skillful and impassioned, reflecting the splendid interplay between these musicians, pivoting and adapting to the subject matter with unpredictable charm, scattering musical pieces across the stage like a jigsaw to be picked, examined and reassembled in their own unique fashion.

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“When the music is as original such as Water Boogie System and escapes all characterization, you are forced to use your ears instead of your head. Which is very refreshing.”
Anders Pihl, Lira (Swedish music magazine)

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