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Zapp string quartet
Zapp string quartet

Hot on the heels of Radio String Quartet Vienna, who played 12 Points! 2008, comes another band on a mission to redefine perceptions of the string quartet in jazz. That this one comes from Amsterdam is no great surprise given the city's history as a catalyst for creative exchange in different facets of contemporary music, and where young classical musicians learn side by side with their jazz counterparts. Established in 2001, Zapp have maintained impressive momentum over four CDs that have charted the development of their joyful, uninhibited approach to playing groove based music, drawn from disparate sources and stitched together with real improvisational authority. Zapp are violinists Jasper le Clercq and Friedmar Hitzer Oene, violist Oene van Geel and cellist Emile Visser.

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