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IMC is a non-profit organisation that maintains a national free information resource as well as offering one-on-one advice for the core development of Irish jazz artists, bands and ensembles.

IMC was founded by jazz musicians and supporters in 1991, and for nearly 25 years, we have made it our business to create and sustain work for Irish artists through our various festivals and initiatives.

IMC is funded by The Arts Council / An Chomhairle Ealaion.

Today, having built an organisation of repute and established ourselves as music specialists, content creators and innovators for Irish jazz musicians, we rely, now more than ever the contribution of individuals, corporations and foundations, and consequently we are asking you to support in any way you can, so that we can continue to sustain work for Irish artists.

We believe that all musicians should get paid proportionately for their artist output, and, in the music business this isn’t always the case.

As a result, artist fees and expenses are an integral part of our budget.

You can make a real contribution to supporting these musicians as well as the next generation of Irish jazz talent.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in developing a partnership with IMC, for specific festival events, or as a general donation towards the work with do with the Irish music community.

Contact us at;


+353 1 6703885

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