IMC Activities 2021/22

IMC Activities 2021/22

PLEASE NOTE: Because of the changing landscape at the moment due to COVID-19, IMC's activities and projects are changing accordingly, so that we can do our best to support musicians. This area will be updated shortly. Please subscribe to our Musicians' Newsletter to receive the latest updates on opportunities and projects.

Hello and welcome to our Activities Homepage - a portal specifically created for IMC to communicate our upcoming activities with the Irish jazz & improvising musician community. See the tabs on the left and below to find out more about our core activites and how they relate to you as a musician over the coming year. We recommend bookmarking this dedicated link, as new opportunities will be added as they become available.

While every effort has been made to present accurate and up-to-date information, activities can and will sometimes change, to better reach our goals and take advantage of opportunities throughout the year. All IMC events offer guaranteed fees to artists, and are programmed in line with our artistic strategy and goals for equality.

If you have not signed up to our musicians newsletter, please do so, as many of the opportunities listed here will be communicated primarily via this dedicated newsletter. You can learn more about what IMC are currently doing at home and abroad, read interviews with artists, and find out about upcoming projects and events in our NEWS section.

An esesntial part of IMC's work is in supporting you wherever we can. We can list your events on the Scene Listings on our website, and share on social media or in our newsletter, if we receive the information in time. Please email Caitriona directly on admin [at] improvised music [dot] ie with event details. For certain projects we are in a position to offer advice and resources. The best way to enquire is always by email to hello [at] improvised music [dot] ie.

If you have any questions on any of our ongoing or upcoming activities please email us at hello[at]improvisedmusic[dot]ie. We are happy to answer any queries. 

1 - Signal Series

2 - Jazz Connective

3 - InCUBEator

4 - Hotter Than July

5 - Spectrum

6 - Wood Quay Summer Sessions

7 - 12 Points Dublin

8 - Jazzahead!

9 - Down with Jazz - on Tour

10 - Performer Promos

11 - Fun Size Jazz!

12 - Interland Series

13 - Ban Bam Commission & Development Award

14 - Piece by Piece

15 - Jazz Connector

16 - Inaugural Young Irish Jazz Musician Award

17 - Blind Date Jazz