IMC Activities 2021/22

Jazz Connector

PLEASE NOTE: Because of the constantly changing music landscape at the moment due to the COVID-19 crisis, IMC's activities and projects are changing accordingly, so that we can do our best to support musicians. This area will be updated as our activities and plans for the future change. Please subscribe to our Musicians' Newsletter to receive the latest updates on opportunities and projects.


Jazz Connector is a series of online webinars where IMC invite all the communities of people who make up the jazz world in Ireland - musicians, promoters, educators and venues - to come together for to learn new skills and discuss ongoing issues in the scene. We invite guest speakers from different disciplines to share their expertise with attendees to help with their individual goals and continuing professional development.


We will communicate information on any upcoming Jazz Connector meet-ups through our dedicated musicians newsletter. If you have not signed up to our musicians newsletter, please do so now. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and join the Irish Jazz group on Facebook. 


We will have been successful in 2021 if we have curated and engaging series of talks and presentations, envigorating and developing the jazz scene in Ireland.

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