Bojan Z

Virtuosity, classical knowledge, wit and entertainer's instincts

– The Guardian

Based in Paris, originally from Serbia, Bojan Z’s (Zulfikarpasic) personal sense of style has been known to escape classification. With a background in classical music, rock, Brazilian music, blues, jazz and Balkan Folklore, Z harmoniously blends and twists his colourful musical baggage, innovating yet never losing his taste for melody and song form. (Listen here)

Starting with classical piano at the age of 5, moving toward the Belgrade rock scene as a youngster, Z obtained a scholarship at the age of 18 to study jazz with Clare Fischer in the US. Just a few years later he was awarded ‘Best Young Jazz Musician of Yugoslavia’. At the age of 20 he settled in Paris, establishing himself as an inevitable element of the French jazz scene. More than two decades later, Bojan Z has an impressive record to his name. A much sought-after sideman, he has collaborated with outstanding names like Henri Texier, Michel Portal and Julien Lourau. He has eight albums under his own name covering a wide range of styles and formations including his multi-ethnical project Koreni, which resulted in his status as the pioneer who brought Balkan influences into jazz.

Z has released two very successful solo albums. The first was Solobsession in 2007 (Label Bleu) with which he won Album of the Year for Xenophonia, Victoires du Jazz. His second acclaimed solo album Soul Shelter, (Emarcy/Universal) resulted in his title as Artist of the Year, Victoires du Jazz in 2012. On this album he plays both his beloved Fazioli piano and the customized fuzzy Fender Rhodes, also known as ‘xenophone’, which became one of his trademarks.

a complex, diverse, audacious and ultimately superb, poetic work of art. The kind of thing to listen to all day...

– Rolling Stone

Utterly absorbing and quite beautiful […] essential listening for those who still have faith in solo piano to surprise and delight.

– All About Jazz